Reinaldo J. Silva

Sao Paulo State University Brazil

Reinaldo José da Silva is graduated in Biological Sciences by the Institute of Biosciences, São Paulo State University (Unesp), Botucatu (1990). He is MSc. (1995) and PhD. (2000) in Tropical Diseases by the Medical School, Unesp and has Post-Doctoral in Parasitology by the Institute of Biosciences, Unesp, Botucatu (2008). Since 2001 is Professor of the Department of Parasitology and Professor-Advisor of the Graduate Program in Zoology, Institute of Biosciences, Unesp, Botucatu. He coordinates the Laboratory of Parasitology of Wild Animals in the Department of Parasitology, where he develops studies on Parasitology, with emphasis on Animal Helminthology. He also coordinates a variety of researches, extension, and educational activities in Aquaculture, mainly focused on fish health.

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