Sameh Magdeldin

Niigata UniversityJapan

Sameh Magdeldin is senior researcher in the Medical School, Niigata University, Japan, and academic associate professor in the Physiology Department, Suez Canal University (SCU), Egypt. He received his M.V.Sc. and Ph.D. in Physiology and his second Ph.D. in Proteomics in July 2012. He has expertise in shotgun proteomics analysis, reversed-phase chromatography and label-free comparative proteomics approaches. Dr. Magdeldin has published outstanding articles on aquaporin research using proteomics technology. He also created the outstanding “All and None” methodology for analyzing large-throughput proteomics data published in a highly respected proteomics journal. He currently serves as a guest editor, associate editor and peer reviewer for several international journals. Dr. Magdeldin received several grants and awards, such as the national encouraging prize, 8th HUPO congress young investigator award, JSN award, grant-in-aid for young scientists and young researcher overseas grant from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

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Most will agree that one major achievement in the bio-separation techniques is affinity chromatography. This coined terminology covers a myriad of separation approaches that relies mainly on reversible adsorption of biomolecules through biospecific interactions on the ligand. Within this book, the authors tried to deliver for you simplified fundamentals of affinity chromatography together with exemplarily applications of this versatile technique. We have always been endeavor to keep the contents of the book crisp and easily comprehensive, hoping that this book will receive an overwhelming interest, deliver benefits and valuable information to the readers.

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