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National Institute for Research and Development in Environmental Protection Romania

Sorin Cheval, Ph. D., Senior Researcher, is the Scientific Director of the National Institute for Research and Development in Environmental Protection, Bucharest, Romania. Dr. Sorin Cheval defended a Ph.D. thesis focused on natural hazards, elaborated within the Institute of Geography of the Romanian Academy (2004). He is a Fulbright Alumnus of the University of South Carolina (Hazard Research Lab). Over 16 years of professional experience in the field of climatology and natural hazards, as well as publications in prestigious journals and books, contributions within international research projects tackling various geographical areas and diverse topics (extreme precipitations, urban heat islands, ecosystems vulnerability, climate change) and the evaluation activities for different international programmes and journals, advocate for his competencies in investigating very complex events like natural disasters.

Sorin Cheval

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The crossroads between a more and more populated human communities and their changing environment pose different challenges than ever before. Therefore, any attempt to identify and deliver possible solutions is more than welcome. The book Natural Disasters addresses the needs of various users, interested in a better understanding of hazards and their more efficient management. It is a scientific enterprise tackling a variety of natural hazards potentially deriving into disasters, i.e. tropical storms, avalanches, coastal floods. The case studies presented cover different geographical areas, and they comprise mechanisms for being transferred to other spots and circumstances. Hopefully, the book will be beneficial to those who invest their efforts in building communities resilient to natural disasters.

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