Dmitry Smirnov

South Ural State Medical University Russia

Dmitry M. Smirnov graduated from South Ural State Medical University in 2005. From 2005 to 2008, he was a PhD-student of Pathophysiology and Surgical Diseases and Urology Departments (dissertation “Pathophysiology of early inflammation in acute peritonitis and methods of its correction in experiment”). Since 2008, he became an Assistant, then - Associate Professor in Surgery of South Ural State Medical University. In 2016, he finished his doctoral dissertation “Mechanisms of postoperative peritonitis development and pathogenetic basis of its monitoring (experimental and clinical research)”. More than 12 years he combined educational activities at University with clinical work as a surgeon. His major scientific interest is focused on various aspects of inflammation during perioperation period in surgery for early predicting of complications. Dmitry M. Smirnov is an author of about 70 publications.

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