Ariffin Samsuri

University of Technology Malaysia

Professor Dr. Ariffin Samsuri is a Senior Professor of the Petroleum Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) with vast experience in managing R&D projects, faculty and department. He had more than 36 years teaching and supervising experiences in petroleum engineering including academic program development, staffing, faculty, and facilities establishment. He also had been appointed as a visiting professor at Universiti Teknologi Petronas, peer reviewers, external examiners, expert and academic advisory panels. He has published 142 technical papers for conferences/seminars and journals, authored 6 books, 3 book chapters, translated 4 books, edited 11 books and 5 research monographs. He also involved in more than 30 research projects in production optimization, rock mechanics, wellbore stability, well stimulation, cement and cementing, drilling and drilling fluid, biofuel and nanotechnology application in oil & gas.

Ariffin Samsuri

2books edited

3chapters authored

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Concerned with production decline, shortages of new oil reserves, and increasing world energy demand, the oil sector continues to search for economic and efficient techniques to enhance their oil recovery from the existing oil field using several enhanced oil recovery techniques (EOR)methods. Despite its highefficiency, widely acclaimed potentials, and limitations, the Low Salinity Water Flooding (LSWF), hybrid, and nanotechnology applications have gained vast interest with promising future to increase ultimate oil recovery, tackle operational challenges, reduce environmental damage, and allow the highest feasible recoveries with lower production costs. This synergistic combination has opened new routes for novel materials with fascinating properties. This book aims to provide an overview of EOR technology such as LSWF, hybrid, and nanotechnology applications in EOR processes.

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