Clement A. Okia

Muni University Uganda

Dr. Clement Akais Okia has a wide experience in forestry training, research and development. He is currently working as a lecturer in Makerere University, Uganda. He holds a PhD in Agroforestry from Bangor University, UK. He obtained both his BSc. and MSc. (Forestry) from Makerere University. Before joining Makerere University, Dr. Okia worked with Budongo Forest Project, Nyabyeya Forestry College and National Forestry Resources Research Institute. He has conducted research on several aspects of forestry and agroforestry and has trained many students in these fields. The focus of his research and development work is on forests/trees and people. Dr. Okia has also conducted consultancies in forestry and agroforestry for various national and international agencies, including the World Bank and UNDP.

Clement A. Okia

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This book is dedicated to global perspectives on sustainable forest management. It focuses on a need to move away from purely protective management of forests to innovative approaches for multiple use and management of forest resources. The book is divided into two sections; the first section, with thirteen chapters deals with the forest management aspects while the second section, with five chapters is dedicated to forest utilization. This book will fill the existing gaps in the knowledge about emerging perspectives on sustainable forest management. It will be an interesting and helpful resource to managers, specialists and students in the field of forestry and natural resources management.

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