Nicola Restifo

Fondazione Politecnico di MilanoItaly

STUDIES: 2005: Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering – Mark: 96/110. Thesis: “Air transport of goods: an analysis of the industry. Case study: Lufthansa Cargo A.G.”. (including experience at firm’s local seat in Milan Segrate MIL SF). 2007: Master of Science in Industrial Engineering – Mark: 102/110. Thesis: “Business process improvement and ICT innovation in the healthcare sector: analysis and application to two real cases”, including active cooperation within projects in two important hospitals in Milan. ESPERTISE: - Business Process Management and Reengineering (process mapping and analysis, impact of Information Systems, gap analysis, change management, …) - Strategic management of healthcare ICT - Analysis and design of innovative Information Systems in the healthcare sector - Clinical Risk Management assessment (Health care Failure Mode and Effect Analysis – HFMEA) - hospital information systems - RFId technology - electronic patient records - project management and consultancy CURRENT POSITION: Project Manager, eHealth group (development of ICT systems supporting core processes in healthcare organizations) at Fondazione Politecnico di Milano. Researcher at Cloud Computing Observatory 2011 at School of Management - Politecnico di Milano. MAIN ACIVITIES: internal and external analysis of organizations and clinical business processes, consultancy services on Strategic ICT management, assessement of hospital information systems in healthcare organizations, RFId safety and traceability projects in the healthcare sector, support to project manager and co-ordination activities, expert testimonies in various sectors, regional guidelines for healthcare information systems and electronic patient record, research on market&technology trends in cloud computing, teaching.

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