Athos Agapiou

Cyprus University of Technology Cyprus

Dr Athos Agapiou is a senior researcher of the Department of Civil Engineering and Geomatics of the Cyprus University of Technology. He is also the Head of the Cultural Heritage and Archeology Division of the Remote Sensing & Geo-Environment Lab. He has more than 25 publications in journal papers and more than 80 publications in conference proceedings, books etc. He received his MEng from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He continued his studies at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) where he obtained his MSc Degree in Geoiformatics. Athos also holds a MA in the field of Archaeology from the University of Cyprus. He received his PhD from Cyprus University of Technology in the field of Remote Sensing. His scientific interests range in the fields of Remote Sensing; Geographical Information Systems; Remote Sensing Archaeology; Archive Aerial Image processing; Archaeolandscapes; Natural and Anthropogenic hazards; Ground Spectroscopy; Geometric Documentation of CH and sites etc. Athos he has been involved in more than 25 European and national funded projects since 2007 and he is also a reviewer in more than 15 journals related with Remote Sensing.

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