Janos Kosa

Kosa, Janos (IEEE Member). Birthday: 29-05-1956, Kecskemet, Hungary. Objective: To achieve results of worldwide importance through research. Work experience: 1985–1989 DEMASZ Kecskemet, electrical engineer of special services. 1989–2000 Kando Kalman Vocational Training School Kecskemet, teacher-engineer. Subjects taught: • Materials and manufacturing • Electrical circuits. 2000 – Kecskemet College, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation Kecskemét. Associate professor ( Department of Automation and Applied Informatics). Subjects taught: • Application of superconductors • Engineering problem solving. Qualification: Technical University of Budapest.  Electric power engineer (1985)  Instrument and control engineering electrical engineer (1993)  Electrical engineer-teacher (1993)  Public education leader (1999)  PhD (2011) Electrical Energy Department of the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Faculty of TUB. Field of research: Optimal magnetization of superconductors, application of superconductors. Study trips IPHT Physical Research Institute, Jena, Germany, 2 x 3 weeks, Institute of Super Hard Materials, Kiev, Ukraine, 2 x 2 weeks, 1 x 3 weeks. It was a significant step for me when two of my articles were selected for publication in the European Superconductivity News Forum „Science and Technology News”, http://www.ewh.ieee.org/tc/csc/europe/newsforum/technicalnews.html#large 1. Transformation of the DC and AC Magnetic Field with Novel Application of the YBCO HTS Ring, J. Kosa, J. Vajda, Member IEEE, 2. Application Possibilities with Continuous YBCO Loops Made of HTS Wire, J. Kosa, I. Vajda, A. Gyore. TOTAL IMPACT FACTOR OF THE PUBLISHED ARTICLES: 7.6

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