Muhammad Abubakar

National Veterinary Laboratory

Dr. Muhammad Abubakar, senior scientist from the National Veterinary Laboratory, Islamabad, Pakistan, has over 15 years’ experience in various areas of veterinary sciences. His expertise in transboundary animal diseases (TADs) at national and international levels is well known. He has established various diagnostic laboratories for the diagnosis of TADs. He has been involved in the organization and conduct of various trainings for field and laboratory staff. He has published numerous research papers, review articles, and book chapters on different areas of veterinary sciences. He has also worked in academia teaching and research supervising at graduate and undergraduate levels. He is currently supervising two journals in the area of veterinary sciences (Research Journal for Veterinary Practitioners and Veterinary Sciences and Research and Reviews) as an editor-in-chief.

5books edited

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Livestock Health and Farming provides a detailed description of key aspects of livestock health issues and farming practices. Chapters cover such topics as antimicrobial resistance in livestock, nutrition and its role in animal health and farming, nutrition and health management in dairy animals, and livestock feeding in semi-arid regions.

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