Leo Kounis

Hellenic National Defense General Staff, Athens, Greece

Leo D. Kounis is head of the Department of the Communication and Informatics Battalion of the Hellenic Ministry of Defense, Hellenic National Defense General Staff. He obtained his BEng (Hons) in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, his MSc in Quality Engineering, and his Ph.D. in Systems Reliability from the University of Hertfordshire, UK. Dr. Kounis has worked as a senior quality engineer in several private companies in Greece and as a part-time lecturer and scientific advisor in academia. His research interests include quality, transportation, and sustainable energy. He has edited and published numerous scientific papers.

Leo Kounis

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Quality control has played an important role in the manufacture of goods and the creation of monuments since antiquity. From the development of Heron’s first robot and the Antikythera mechanism to today’s Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, and artificial intelligence, quality control has undeniably come a long way. This book examines quality control in several different scenarios and locations. Chapters discuss quality control of Nigeria’s road network, Ethiopia’s leather industry, Africa’s food industry, and Hong Kong’s construction sector, among other scenarios. The book also discusses quality control of intrusion detection systems, artificial intelligence, complementary metal oxide semiconductors, and more.

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