Leo Kounis

Hellenic National Defense General Staff

Leo D. Kounis is the Head of the Department of Communication and Informatics Battalion at the Hellenic Ministry of Defense, Hellenic National Defense General Staff. He obtained his BEng (Hons) degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, his MSc in Quality Engineering, and his PhD in Systems Reliability from the University of Hertfordshire, UK. Dr. Kounis has worked as a senior quality engineer in a number of private companies in Greece, and has acted as a part-time lecturer and scientific advisor in academia. His research interests are focused in the area of quality, transportation, and sustainable energy. He has published a number of scientific papers.

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Amid a plethora of challenges, technological advances in science and engineering are inadvertently affecting an increased spectrum of today’s modern life. Yet for all supplied products and services provided, robustness of processes, methods, and techniques is regarded as a major player in promoting safety. This book on systems reliability, which equally includes maintenance-related policies, presents fundamental reliability concepts that are applied in a number of industrial cases. Furthermore, to alleviate potential cost and time-specific bottlenecks, software engineering and systems engineering incorporate approximation models, also referred to as meta-processes, or surrogate models to reproduce a predefined set of problems aimed at enhancing safety, while minimizing detrimental outcomes to society and the environment.

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