Chang Wook Han

LG Display

Dr. Han is the head of the OLED Device Technology Department as a chief research fellow (vice president) at LG Display, South Korea. He obtained his BS and MS degrees in material science from Seoul National University, South Korea in 1987 and in 1989, respectively. He received his PhD in electrical engineering in 2007, also from Seoul National University. Since joining LG Display in 1990, he has worked on device and process development of TFT backplanes for AMLCD. He has also developed OLED devices and panels since 1999. He has led several projects that developed 2- and 3-stacked tandem white OLED devices and successfully applied them to commercializing OLED TVs and large-sized transparent displays. Recently, he is also responsible for the development of next generation OLED devices with TADF and phosporescence blue, and high resolution OLED for AR/VR applications.

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