Juan Pedro Bolivar

University of HuelvaSpain

SHORT BIOGRAPHY OF PROFESSOR JUAN PEDRO BOLÍVAR Juan Pedro Bolívar is Professor of Applied Physics at the Faculty of Experimental Sciences (Applied Physics Department) of the University of Huelva (Spain). I am expertise in the areas of characterization of inorganic industrial waste and their valorization in applications of Civil Engineering (cements production, concrete, ceramic or isolation of radioactive waste in sulfur polymer cement matrix). I am also worked in related areas as Environmental Radioactivity (measurement and applications), and Air Pollution (ozone in the troposphere, radioactive aerosols). I have directed more than 25 projects with companies and administrations, in the previous areas. I have published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers (see www.scopus.com database), and authored other publications (more than 70), including books, book chapters and proceedings in congresses. In addition, Prof. Bolivar has collaborated in the organization of more than 15 conferences and sessions, I serve as consultant of several Spanish agencies related to the environment and the industry. I have been reviewer for different journals as J. Environmental Radioactivity, Building and Environment, J. of Hazardous Materials, Science of the Total Environment, Applied Radiation Isotopes, Atmospheric Environment, Atmospheric Research, British Journal of Applied Science & Technology, Environmental International, etc. Throughout his academic career, Dr. Bolivar has been a dedicated educator of future environmental scientists and engineers, teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate level. He has taught courses about Acoustic Pollution, Waste Characterization and Valorization, Ionizing Radiation and Applications of the Radionuclides in the Environment, Renewable Energy, or Analysis and Treatment of Environmental data, among other related topics. I am served abroad as evaluator of curricula and programs of environmental sciences, as well as an external thesis reviewer. Through his research activities, I am mentored several post doctoral fellows and visiting scholars, Ph.D. and MS students, who have gone on to work in consulting, state and federal regulatory agencies, as well as academia, and provided many research opportunities for undergraduate students. The Prof. Bolivar has supervised 11 doctoral thesis (PhD), and now I have supervising 5 PhD Thesis on several fields as inorganic waste valorization in the production of ceramic materials, manufacturing of compost to restore polluted lands by mining activities, fractionation of natural radionuclides in waters affected by AMD, mobility of pollutants in phosphogypsum. In addition, i have also supervised more than 30 Master Thesis (or equivalent) in official postgraduate and doctorate programs.

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