Sajjad Haider

King Saud University

Dr. Haider is an associate professor at the Chemical Engineering Department, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since May 2009. He is teaching to graduate and MS students. His research work focuses on the development of carbon nanotubes, metal nanoparticles, synthesis of biopolymer composites, preparation of polymer hydrogel actuators, and electrospun nanofibers for biomedical and environmental applications. The research of Dr. Haider is taken well by the research community. His articles appeared on the list of the highly cited and download articles in the most prominent journals. The current citations of Dr. Haider are 2544 with h index 23 and i Index 36. (March 9th, 2020), Google scholar). Dr. Haider has developed a fully operational nanotechnology research Lab in the department acquiring funds from the National Plan for Science and Technology by submitting quality scientific proposals. These proposals resulted in excellent quality papers and patents and the final reports were highly rated by AAAs.

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This book focuses on the recent advancements in the process parameters, research, and applications of electrospinning and electrospraying. The first chapter introduces the techniques and the effect of the parameters on the morphology of the nanofiber and nanoparticles and then the subsequent chapters focus on the applications of these techniques in different areas. This book will attract a broad audience including postgraduate students and industrial and academic investigators in sciences and engineering who wish to enhance their understanding of the emerging technologies and use this book as reference.

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