Francisc Popescu

Education background (in short) - Graduated at University Politehnica from Timisoara, Romania - Study scholarship (Erasmus) at T.U.Graz, Austria - PhD research stage in T.U. Munchen, Germany, supported by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation - Several training stages in Austria, Norway, and Serbia PhD thesis finalized in 2004 with “Magna cum laude” Doctor title Work background (in short): - Assistant and assistant professor at University Politehnica from Timisoara from 2001 up to now. - Project manager in 7 research grants founded by Romanian Government, EU and Balkan Environmental Association - Member in the research team in 23 reasearch project founded by Romanian Government, EU, Norway, e.a - Over 80 papers published in journals or conference proceedings with or without ISI citation - Author or coauthor in 7 books (national and international) All my work was related to thermodynamics, energy production, conversion and efficiency, air quality monitoring, pollutants emissions and related issues. Some more details can be found at

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