Sevgi Guney

Ankara UniversityTurkey

About SEVGi GUNEY Clinical Psychologist, Lecturer, MSc in Clin.Psych from Middle East Technical University in 1992 CairnMillar\' s student in 1997 academic year for post graduate certificate courses: Trauma and Marital Therapies by Prof. Dr. Isik Sayil, Social Psychiatry Professor and Founder in Turkey. Speciality: Clinical Psychology Research Interest: Psychological traumas, suicide and suicidal attempts, psychological crisis, crisis intervention, marriage, relationship and family studies Working experiences: - An academician for 18 years; University Lecturer - 15 years worked for Crisis Intervention Center of Ankara University - Now she has been working for university students suffering from psychological problems, traumas, suicidal ideas, and suicidal attempts in Psychological Counselling unit of Faculty of Educational Sciences, Ankara University Professional Award: The Scientist (Science Person) Support Department of The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) Awards: The support award for participating in scientific activities in foreign countries for her study namely A metaanalitical study on Marriage and Relationship Research in Turkey: A preliminary report in September 2008. Membership of Professional Associations - Turkish Psychological Association(Turkey) - Australian Psychological Association(APS, AU) - International Positive Psychology Association(IPPA, USA) - Crisis and Prevention of Suicide Association(Turkey) - International Societies For Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS; USA) - Center of Applied Positive Psychology(CAPP; United Kingdom) - International Association of Cognitive Therapy with the conjunction of Turkish Association For Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies Hobbies: - Swimming, Playing Tennis - Member of International Friendship Force (IFF, USA) and - Turkish American Association (TAA, Turkey)

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