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Dr. Oreste Capelli was born in 1956 in Bologna (Italy). After graduating in Medicine and Surgery at Modena University (1981), he became a specialist in Pneumology (1985) and Internal Medicine (1992). From 1985 to 1990, he worked at Modena University Hospital, teaching clinical methodology in the graduate school of pulmonary medicine. From 1991 to 2003, Dr. Capelli worked as a General Practitioner, collaborating with the Local Health Authority (LHA) to implement guidelines and clinical audit in the Community. In 2004, Dr. Capelli completed a Master in EBM and Research Methodology and then he worked for the Centre for the Evaluation of Effectiveness of Health Care (CeVEAS) at Modena LHA, as an “Audit and feedback” expert. After 2 years of experience (2012–2013), as a head of the Unit for Integrated Management of Chronic Diseases at the Regional Health Authority of Emilia-Romagna (Bologna, Italy), Dr. Capelli directs the Services’ Epidemiology and Clinical Governance Unit of the Modena LHA.

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"Both among scientists and clinical practitioners, some find it easier to rely upon trivial explanations, while others never stop looking for answers". With these surprising words, Augusto Murri, an Italian master in clinical medicine, reminds us that medical practice should be a continuous journey towards knowledge and the quality of care. The book brings together contributions by over 50 authors from many countries, all around the world, from Europe to Africa, from Asia to Australia, from North to South America. Different cultures are presented together, from those with advanced technologies to those of intangible spirituality, but they are all connected by five professional attributes, that in the 1978 the Institute of Medicine (IOM)1 stated as essentials of practicing good Primary Care: accessibility, comprehensiveness, coordination, continuity and accountability. The content of the book is organized according to these 5 attributes, to give the reader an international overview of hot topics and new insights in Primary Care, all around the world.

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