Olympia Roeva

Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering Bulgaria

Dr. Olympia Roeva received the M.Sc. degree (1998) and Ph.D. degree (2007) from the Technical University – Sofia, Bulgaria. At present she is an associate professor in Department of Bioinformatics and Mathematical Modeling, Institute of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Roeva is one of the scientists, playing a significant role in the renovation of International Journal Bioautomation. She has received various scientific awards, including a Diploma from Union of Scientists in Bulgaria for High Scientific Achievements 2008. Her research interests are in the fields of modeling, optimization and control of cultivation processes, functional state modeling approach, metaheuristic algorithms and generalized nets.

Olympia Roeva

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The book addresses some of the most recent issues, with the theoretical and methodological aspects, of evolutionary multi-objective optimization problems and the various design challenges using different hybrid intelligent approaches. Multi-objective optimization has been available for about two decades, and its application in real-world problems is continuously increasing. Furthermore, many applications function more effectively using a hybrid systems approach. The book presents hybrid techniques based on Artificial Neural Network, Fuzzy Sets, Automata Theory, other metaheuristic or classical algorithms, etc. The book examines various examples of algorithms in different real-world application domains as graph growing problem, speech synthesis, traveling salesman problem, scheduling problems, antenna design, genes design, modeling of chemical and biochemical processes etc.

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