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Aykut Kentli was born in Isparta, Turkey on September 5th, 1975. He graduated from Istanbul Technical University - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 1997. He entered Marmara University as a graduate student in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Multi-objective Design Optimization. He received his MSc degree in 2002 and PhD degree in 2008 in Mechanical Engineering. Since 1997, he has been working as an academician at the Mechanical Engineering Department of Marmara University Faculty of Engineering. He commenced lecturing on the courses of Manufacturing Processes, Statics, Strength of Materials, Machine Design and Mechanical System Design. His research interests are design optimization and fuzzy logic and their applications to engineering systems.

Aykut Kentli

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This book presents the application of new techniques in analyzing truss and frame structures. The book contains two main sections: Numerical Analysis of Structures and Mass-Saving in Structures. Under each section, different approaches on the topic are given. Covered in these sections are dynamic stability analysis, design optimization considering vibration, FEM analysis, topology optimization methods, and recommendations to build lightweight structures. It is believed that this book will be helpful to its readers for new perspectives on the analysis of structures.

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