Jenny Palm

Jenny Palm is professor and deputy head of the unit Technology and Social Change at the dept. of Tema at Linköping University. Her research is interdisciplinary and she combines STS-theories (Science Technology Society) with policy analysis with focus on local and regional policy processes and how household understand and interpret public policy in everyday life. Her research also includes how to improve energy efficiency in industry by combining barriers theories with theories from the STS-field.

Jenny Palm

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Global warming resulting from the use of fossil fuels is threatening the environment and energy efficiency is one of the most important ways to reduce this threat. Industry, transport and buildings are all high energy-using sectors in the world and even in the most technologically optimistic perspectives energy use is projected to increase in the next 50 years. How and when energy is used determines society's ability to create long-term sustainable energy systems. This is why this book, focusing on energy efficiency in these sectors and from different perspectives, is sharp and also important for keeping a well-founded discussion on the subject.

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