Maaz Khan

Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology Pakistan

Dr. Maaz Khan is a senior researcher at the Pakistan Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology. He completed his Ph.D. and postdoctoral research in the field of material science. His research interests include the fabrication of nanomaterials and their structural, optical, magnetic, and electrical characterizations. He has authored more than 140 research articles and published 12 books. He is currently the editor-in-chief of The Nucleus and Journal of Materials, Processing, and Design, and executive editor of the International Journal of Nano Studies and Technology. He also serves as an editorial board member for several other materials science journals.

Maaz Khan

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This book presents an overview of the status and recent trends in ferrites. It provides readers with a clear understanding of both the theory and applications of ferrites. It also discusses challenges, opportunities, and new directions for the future development of ferrite technology. The book provides fundamental knowledge and up-to-date information to enable advanced study in the field and is therefore a useful resource for research students, scientists, engineers, and materials scientists.

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