Tamer Hassan

Zagazig University

An active member at EHA, SIOP, and HAA, Tamer Hassan has had over 50 international research publications in Pediatrics. He has authored four online book chapters and been the coeditor of two online books. His professional training and workshops include ICH GCP online Training, training in 10th international educational course on thalassemia, Cyprus 2006, training in pediatric stem cell transplantation unit in Ulm University, completion of EHA master class and bite size master class 2016 and 2017 respectively. He has been awarded many international scholarships including SIOP, EHA-HOPE, Hemophilia Preceptorship in Saint Luc Hospital, Belgium, ITP Preceptorship in Dmitry Rogachev National Research Center, Moscow. He is an academic editor for the Medicine (Baltimore) Journal and a reviewer for many international journals (Hemophilia, Medicine, Oncology Letters, Child Neurology). He is the primary investigator in 3 international clinical trials and sub-investigator in 12 international trials.

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