A.W.M.M. Koopman-van Gemert

Albert Schweitzer Hospital Gabon

Dr. Anna Wilhelmina Margaretha Maria Koopman-van Gemert MD, PhD, became anaesthesiologist-intensivist from the Radboud University Nijmegen (the Netherlands) in 1987. She worked for a couple of years also as a blood bank director in Nijmegen and introduced in the Netherlands the Cell Saver and blood transfusion alternatives. She performed research in perioperative autotransfusion and obtained the degree of PhD in 1993 publishing Peri-operative autotransfusion by means of a blood cell separator. Blood transfusion had her special interest being the president of the Haemovigilance Chamber TRIP and performing several tasks in local and national blood bank and anticoagulant-blood transfusion guidelines committees. Currently, she is working as an associate professor and up till recently was the dean at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital Dordrecht. She performed (inter)national tasks as vice-president of the Concilium Anaesthesia and related committees. She performed research in several fields, with over 100 publications in (inter)national journals and numerous papers on scientific conferences. She received several awards and is a member of Honour of the Dutch Society of Anaesthesia.

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Transfusion Medicine and Scientific Developments focuses on unknown aspects of blood cells and transfusion practice. Blood transfusion medicine has become a sophisticated and specialized field of medicine. Some aspects will be discussed in this book. The book has been divided into three sections. The first section includes chapters describing the immunological and coagulation-assisting functions of red blood cells and methods to measure their life span. The second section discusses the role of platelets in inflammatory processes. The third section reviews functional dose of RBC transfusions and transfusion practice in various clinical settings.

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