Ivan Padron

New Jersey Institute of Technology United States of America

Ivan Padron was born in Camajuani, Cuba in 1970. He received his bachelor degree in Physics from the University of Havana in 1993, and his Ph. D in Applied Physics from New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2010. His research has been directed towards diaphragm based Fabry-Perot interferometric sensors. His critical thinking and enterprising personality where acknowledged in two U.S. patents and one patent application, and offered him the opportunity of publish his work in varies peer-reviewed scientific journals, participates in numerous international conferences and to serve as a peer reviewer of the IEEE Sensor Journal. He is a member of the American Physical Society and IEEE Professional Association. His research interests include optical sensors and the application of physics to life sciences and medicine.

Ivan Padron

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This book provides a current overview of the theoretical and experimental aspects of some interferometry techniques applied to Topography and Astronomy. The first two chapters comprise interferometry techniques used for precise measurement of surface topography in engineering applications; while chapters three through eight are dedicated to interferometry applications related to Earth's topography. The last chapter is an application of interferometry in Astronomy, directed specifically to detection of planets outside our solar system. Each chapter offers an opportunity to expand the knowledge about interferometry techniques and encourage researchers in development of new interferometry applications.

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