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University of Beira Interior

Mário Franco is an associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and SME Administration at the Department of Management and Economics, Beira Interior University, Portugal. He obtained his PhD in Management from Beira Interior University in 2002. In 1997, he was a doctoral candidate and participated in the European Doctoral Programme in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management in Spain and Sweden. His research focuses on strategic alliances, business networks, innovation and business creation. He is also a member of a Research Center (CEFAGE-UBI) and currently involved in several research projects on SMEs.

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Digital leadership has been seen as a phenomenon allowing competitive advantages for organizations, but some studies do not include the risks, benefits, and challenges of this type of leadership. Consequently, the objective of this book is to fill this gap by combining several studies from different perspectives. The various chapters presented here follow several approaches and applications that researchers explore in different contexts. This book intends therefore to add to the body of knowledge in leadership and digital areas. On the other hand, this work shows how digital leadership can stimulate organizational development in various countries and regions worldwide.

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