Jin - Hai Zheng

Jinhai Zheng received his Doctoral Degree in Coastal Engineering from Hohai University of China in 1998. He has been Chair Professor of Harbor, Waterway, Coastal, and Offshore Engineering in the same University since 2007. His research interests cover estuarine and coastal processes, harbor and waterway engineering, coastal engineering, and environment. He carries out numerical and experimental studies that have dealt with characteristics of water wave, tidal flow, and sediment transport and their responses to engineering projects in the Yangtze River Estuary, the Pearl River Delta, the Min River Estuary, and along the southeast coasts in China. An author of about 100 academic publications, he is one of the main members engaged in the preparation and translation of General Rules for Design of Port and Waterway Works, a standard code of practice of China. He is actively involved in several international and domestic professional societies, such as the IAHR, the Chinese Ocean Engineering Society, and the China Water Transportation Construction Association.

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