Abdurrahman Coskun

Dr. Abdurrahman Coskun has received his MD degree from Erciyes University, School of Medicine in 1994. He became a specialist in Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry in 1999 at the same university. He has joined the Acibadem Labmed Clinical Laboratories in 2008 and has been appointed as an associate professor of Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry in 2009. His research mainly focused on improvement of quality in clinical laboratories. Dr. Coskun is a member of Turkish Clinical Biochemists Society, Turkish Biochemical Society, and Clinical Biochemistry Specialists Society.

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In the new millennium the increasing expectation of customers and products complexity has forced companies to find new solutions and better alternatives to improve the quality of their products. Lean and Six Sigma methodology provides the best solutions to many problems and can be used as an accelerator in industry, business and even health care sectors. Due to its flexible nature, the Lean and Six Sigma methodology was rapidly adopted by many top and even small companies. This book provides the necessary guidance for selecting, performing and evaluating various procedures of Lean and Six Sigma. In the book you will find personal experiences in the field of Lean and Six Sigma projects in business, industry and health sectors.

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