Elisha B. Babatunde

Covenant UniversityNigeria

Professor Babatunde is a Nigerian. He had his Ph. D. (Physics), in 1989 from University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria. Thereafter he attended some learned conferences, colleges and trainings in Nigeria and abroad. He is a teacher and a researcher since 1964. He became a Professor of Physics in 2004 at University of Ilorin, and he currently holds a position as a Professor of Physics at Covenant University, Canaan Land, Ota, Nigeria. In Covenant University, apart from teaching he is the Chairman for Silicon Research Group. His main area of research is Atmospheric and Solar Radiation, Environmental Science with emphasis on solar radiation measurements, analysis and radiative effect on atmospheric and sky conditions. He published jointly and individually many papers in reputable journals.

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The book contains fundamentals of solar radiation, its ecological impacts, applications, especially in agriculture, architecture, thermal and electric energy. Chapters are written by numerous experienced scientists in the field from various parts of the world. Apart from chapter one which is the introductory chapter of the book, that gives a general topic insight of the book, there are 24 more chapters that cover various fields of solar radiation. These fields include: Measurements and Analysis of Solar Radiation, Agricultural Application / Bio-effect, Architectural Application, Electricity Generation Application and Thermal Energy Application. This book aims to provide a clear scientific insight on Solar Radiation to scientist and students.

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