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Dr. Sanka Gateva graduated from Sofia University with a Master’s degree in atomic physics, prepared her doctoral thesis at the Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and specialized in development of diode lasers for spectroscopy of trapped ions at NPL, England. Her main areas of interest and her main publications are in the fields of development of different types of lasers (gas, dimer lasers and diode lasers), mode selection and frequency stabilisation in lasers, high resolution spectroscopy, coherent population trapping, and optical magnetometry. She is an Associate Professor, Head of the Laser Systems Laboratory and she was recently assigned as Director of the Institute of Electronics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Sanka Gateva

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In this book some recent advances in development of photodetectors and photodetection systems for specific applications are included. In the first section of the book nine different types of photodetectors and their characteristics are presented. Next, some theoretical aspects and simulations are discussed. The last eight chapters are devoted to the development of photodetection systems for imaging, particle size analysis, transfers of time, measurement of vibrations, magnetic field, polarization of light, and particle energy. The book is addressed to students, engineers, and researchers working in the field of photonics and advanced technologies.

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