António Vieira

University of Minho

Antonio Vieira is a geographer and holds a Ph.D. in Geography (2009), from the University of Coimbra, with the thesis "Montemuro mountains. Geomorphological dynamics, landscape evolution, and natural heritage." He is an assistant professor at the Department of Geography, University of Minho (Portugal), developing research activities as an integrated member of the Communication and Society Research Centre (CECS -UMinho). He is member of several scientific organizations, including the Portuguese Association of Geomorphologists (Chair from 2017 to 2019), the Risk - Portuguese Association of Risk, Prevention and Security (vice-president since 2015). He is also a member of FUEGORED (Red Temática Internacional Efectos de Los Incendios Forestales Sobre Los Suelos) and coordinator of the Fire Effects on Soil International Network (FESP-in). During his career he has developed research in granitic geomorphology, geomorphological heritage and changes in land use, addressing today on issues related to geographic information systems and remote sensing and its application to land use, geomorphological heritage, soil erosion following forest fires and mitigation measures, among others.

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