Ioannis Deliyannis

Ionian University

Dr Ioannis Deliyannis completed his undergraduate studies (B.Sc.) and was subsequently offered a scholarship to pursue a Ph.D degree in the field of Interactive Multimedia at the University of Wales Swansea. He holds a Computer Science Degree (1997, University of Wales Swansea) and a Ph.D in the field of Interactive Multimedia for (2002, University of Wales Swansea).He started working at Ionian University in 2004. He is an appointed Assistant Professor in the field of Interactive Multimedia and Digital Technology at the Department of Audiovisual Arts at Ionian University, Corfu, Greece. His research interests include the application of Interactive and Multimedia Technologies in the area of AudioVisual Arts. He is the author of a series of journal and conference publications in the above fields, followed by a series of books targeting the experimental and creative aspects of the technologies involved.

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Interactive multimedia is clearly a field of fundamental research, social, educational and economical importance, as it combines multiple disciplines for the development of multimedia systems that are capable to sense the environment and dynamically process, edit, adjust or generate new content. For this purpose, ideas, theories, methodologies and inventions are combined in order to form novel applications and systems. This book presents novel scientific research, proven methodologies and interdisciplinary case studies that exhibit advances under Interfaces and Interaction, Interactive Multimedia Learning, Teaching and Competence Diagnosis Systems, Interactive TV, Film and Multimedia Production and Video Processing. The chapters selected for this volume offer new perspectives in terms of strategies, tested practices and solutions that, beyond describing the state-of-the-art, may be utilised as a solid basis for the development of new interactive systems and applications.

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