Manar El-Sayed Abdel-Raouf

Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute

Manar E. Abdel-Raouf is a Professor of polymer science at Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute since 2012. She has supervised 14 M.Sc and Ph.D theses and published 37 research papers in international journals. She also acts as a reviewer in different journals and has attended 12 international conferences. Currently, she is the principle investigator of a project funded from academy of scientific research and technology.

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Petroleum "black gold" is the most important nonrenewable source of energy. It is a complex mixture of different phases and components. Refining it provides a vast number of organic compounds, all of them of which are used to produce petroleum based products for numerous applications, from industry to medicine, from clothing to food industries. We can find petroleum based products all around us. This book deals with some important topics related to petroleum such as its chemical composition and stability. It is well-known that the chemical composition of crude oil differs according to the site of production, and its grade varies from waxy to asphaltenic crude. Both of them are refined to produce different products. The stability of crude oil on aging and transportation is governed by several factors and these factors are included within this book. Some new technologies for petroleum characterization are also introduced. This book is aimed at researchers, chemical engineers and people working within the petroleum industry.

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