Yasuo Iwaki

Abstract. International Organization of standard-Guide of uncertainty in measurement (ISO-GUM) was published as guidance for making a measurement result into an assurance performance by ISO in 1993 and in 1995 corrected. It is now use in order that the Blood Chemical Analysis (BCA) may also the reliability of an analysis result. ISO was published many supplements in order to fully utilize GUM. Further, substantial published contents and additional new issue are performed. The Burgers equation and Crank-Nicolson method come to be used for published Multi-viable Analysis (MA) and the multi regression analysis by multi-nonlinear least squares method is come to be for Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC). Furthermore, in order to make it substantial there are production plan of new supplements. One of them is a production procedure for obtaining an assurance. ISO-GUM is respectively as one by one step, it is progressing. The result is required by improvement of accuracy also in Blood test. To work improve further by practical use of four new supplements.

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