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Giancarlo Nota is an Associate Professor of Software Engineering at the Department of Computer Science, University of Salerno. Since 1982 he has been developing an intense scientific activity in the following fields: programming and specification languages, workflow management systems, project and risk management systems, as well as distributed knowledge management. He was a chairman of various international workshops and is the author of many technical papers in refereed international journals and conferences. In recent years, his research interest about methodological, organizational and technological issues has been directed toward pursuing innovation in the fields of Project and Risk Management in the context of Virtual Enterprises and Networks of Organizations. Nota has been the project and risk manager of many business process reengineering projects. He is also involved in developing actions to promote process innovation and quality management especially in universities and local governments.

Giancarlo Nota

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In many human activities risk is unavoidable. It pervades our life and can have a negative impact on individual, business and social levels. Luckily, risk can be assessed and we can cope with it through appropriate management methodologies. The book Risk Management Trends offers to both, researchers and practitioners, new ideas, experiences and research that can be used either to better understand risks in a rapidly changing world or to implement a risk management program in many fields. With contributions from researchers and practitioners, Risk Management Trends will empower the reader with the state of the art knowledge necessary to understand and manage risks in the fields of enterprise management, medicine, insurance and safety.

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