Saad Bashir

International Islamic UniversityPakistan

Prof. Dr. Bashir received his PhD in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, University of Bradford, West Yorkshire, in 1980/84. His research interests include antennas and radio wave propagation, optical communication systems, microwave and satellite systems, EM theory, and EM scattering computation methods; there is a significant amount of original publications in these fields. An InTech book, Electromagnetic Radiation, edited by Prof. Bashir was first published in June 2012 (p. cm. ISBN 978-953-51-0639-5).

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The application of electromagnetic radiation in modern life is one of the most developing technologies. In this timely book, the authors comprehensively treat two integrated aspects of electromagnetic radiation, theory and application. It covers a wide scope of practical topics, including medical treatment, telecommunication systems, and radiation effects. The book sections have clear presentation, some state of the art examples, which makes this book an indispensable reference book for electromagnetic radiation applications.

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