Open Access Mandates

Steady growth of Open Access publishing during recent years has prompted the development and implementation of various governmental, institutional and funder policies mandating that research publications be freely and publicly accessible. As the number of institutions adopting such public access mandates grows, it is important to clarify that publishing with InTechOpen is compliant with most of those mandates.

Listing all institutions and describing how publishing with InTechOpen reflects on their particular public access policies would make this overwhelmingly long. Instead, we focus on three general categories—as defined in SHERPA/JULIET—that usually form the backbone of every public access mandate: Open Access publication, publication archiving, and data archiving.


All book chapters published by InTechOpen are Open Access and publicly available immediately upon publication. As of 5 October 2011, a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (CC BY 3.0) license is applied to all published articles and chapters ensuring that they may be freely shared, reused, and adapted as long as the license terms are respected.

This ultimately means that InTechOpen's publications are compliant with public access mandates favoring the Gold OA route and insisting on open licensing.

For more detailed information on copyright and licensing please see InTechOpen's Copyright Policy.


As an Open Access publisher, InTechOpen supports self-archiving and encourages authors to deposit their articles and chapters in institutional repositories. InTechOpen is a SHERPA/RoMEO green publisher, meaning that authors are permitted to self-archive their manuscripts at any point during the publishing process: pre-refereeing, post-refereeing, and post-publication. Deposition of publisher's final PDF version—as opposed to non-typeset manuscripts—is welcome and encouraged.

Even though SHERPA/RoMEO website only covers journals' copyright and archiving policies, it is important to stress once again that the same self-archiving policy equally applies to InTechOpen's books.

This ultimately means that InTechOpen's publications are also compliant with public access mandates favoring the Green OA route.


InTechOpen currently does not archive research data, nor does it require authors to submit raw data along with their manuscripts. However, authors whose institutions, funders, or governments maintain data repositories and mandate research data archiving are welcome to deposit their data to ensure compliance.


Some public access mandates—mostly funder mandates—may require that a publication be archived in a specific subject repository or indexed in a specific database. InTechOpen strives to ensure that all eligible chapters and articles are deposited to prescribed subject repositories, although there may be limitations in some cases.

For example, books and book chapters funded by Wellcome Trust must be made available through PMC Bookshelf and Europe PMC. In that scenario, InTechOpen may deposit — on authors' behalf — Wellcome-funded books and book chapters to those archives through Wellcome Trust's online deposit system.

If you are an author uncertain whether an article or chapter you intend to publish with InTechOpen will be compliant with your institution's or funder's public access mandate, please feel free to contact for further inquiries.

DISCLAIMER: This serves only as a general overview and assessment of InTechOpen's compliance with contemporary public access mandates. InTechOpen will gladly answer inquiries concerning compliance with any particular mandate, although authors themselves are ultimately responsible for knowing the specifics of institutional and funder mandates governing their work before submitting it to one of our books.