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High Entropy Alloys for Aerospace Applications

By Modupeola Dada, Patricia Popoola, Samson Adeosun and Ntombi Mathe

Submitted: November 18th 2018Reviewed: February 5th 2019Published: September 27th 2019

DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.84982

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In the aerospace industry, materials used as modern engine components must be able to withstand extreme operating temperatures, creep, fatigue crack growth and translational movements of parts at high speed. Therefore, the parts produced must be lightweight and have good elevated-temperature strength, fatigue, resistant to chemical degradation, wear and oxidation resistance. High entropy alloys (HEAs) characterize the cutting edge of high-performance materials. These alloys are materials with complex compositions of multiple elements and striking characteristics in contrast to conventional alloys; their high configuration entropy mixing is more stable at elevated temperatures. This attribute allows suitable alloying elements to increase the properties of the materials based on four core effects , which gives tremendous possibilities as potential structural materials in jet engine applications. Researchers fabricate most of these materials using formative manufacturing technologies; arc melting. However, the challenges of heating the elements together have the tendency to form hypoeutectic that separates itself from the rest of the elements and defects reported are introduced during the casting process. Nevertheless, Laser Engineering Net Shaping (LENS™) and Selective Laser Melting (SLM); a powder-based laser additive manufacturing process offers versatility, accuracy in geometry and fabrication of three-dimensional dense structures layer by layer avoiding production errors.


  • high entropy alloys
  • laser additive manufacturing
  • LENS
  • SLM
  • laser scan strategies

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