Michael Nielsen speaks about Open Science at the University Campus in Rijeka


June 2, 2011

On June 2nd, 2011, Dr. Michael Nielsen will speak about Open Science connecting via Skype to IntechOpen's home, The Science and Technology Park, University Campus of Rijeka.

In spite of his PhD in Physics and previous working experience as a renowned academic in the field, Dr. Nielsen remarkably shifted his specialty and research area from quantum computation to developing new tools for scientific publications and advocating Open Science with its revolutionary innovations for developing collaboration among the scientific community.

Dr. Nielsen defines the topics that will be discussed during the session as follows, "In this talk I’ll describe how mass online collaborations are being used to prove mathematical theorems; how online markets are allowing scientific problems to be outsourced; and how online citizen science projects are enabling amateurs to make scientific discoveries. These and other projects show how we can use online tools to amplify our collective intelligence, and so extend our scientific problem-solving ability."

Being also an author, Nielsen's latest book on Open Science, "Reinventing Discovery" will see the light of day later this year under the Princeton University Press label.

For more information about Dr. Michael Nielsen's fruitful career please visit our blog.