Michael Nielsen Gave a Talk About Open Science to Croatian Students


June 3, 2011

Rijeka welcomed Nielsen’s first Skype talk yesterday and his theme was the benefits and obstacles to open science. He gave an inspiring introduction to a possible second open science revolution for both students from the University Campus in Rijeka and IntechOpen’s employees.

He tried to answer questions such as, can open source principles be applied to solve scientific problems? Should we use the opportunity that internet offers us, to create a short-term working memory instead of a long-term one, and see the rapid collaborative development of ideas? Which projects succeeded and which failed to do so? Which institutions can act as a bridge between scientific community and society as a whole? What can be done by scientists? However, most of these questions remain open to an interesting debate.

IntechOpen as an Open Access publisher was privileged to host such an important speaker if only via Skype technology. We certainly do hope to repeat similar projects in the future.

We have uploaded the video of yesterday's presentation on our YouTube channel.