IntechOpen Supports the Open Archives Initiative

May 1, 2012

IntechOpen implemented the OAI-PMH protocol in October 2010 in order to broaden the number of users of our publications. As a result, all materials are more widely accessible, with increased benefits for scholars, researchers, students, libraries, universities and other academic institutions.

The Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (globally known as the OAI-PMH) is a low-barrier method for institutional metadata sharing. The protocol results from a growing willingness to liberate access to scholarly publications by exploiting resources such as flexible copyright policies, new technologies and the Internet. The protocol is promoted by the Open Archives Initiative (OAI), which is an organization dedicated to setting interoperability standards with the aim of easing and promoting a broader and more efficient dissemination of content within the scientific community. The OAI originates from a desire to improve communication among scholars and the dissemination of scientific work with the basic idea of opening up access to a wide range of research works, outcomes and findings.

By implementing the OAI-PMH protocol to expose metadata, IntechOpen as a Data Provider allows Service Providers such as citation indexes, scientific search engines, scholarly databases and scientific literature collections to gather the metadata from our repository and thus make our publications available to a broader academic audience.

The major databases, repositories and search engines that provide services based on metadata that is harvested using the OAI metadata harvesting protocol are:

To see more information for Service Providers please visit the OAI-PMH page.