IntechOpen Joins Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative

28 October 2022

As we grapple with the complexities of climate change and global economic and political fluctuation, the need to share information and data around climate research becomes critically important and involves all stakeholders. 

This is why we are excited to join The Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative, an initiative led by research communication companies Kudos and Impact Science that summarizes key climate research in plain language from over 15 scholarly publishers such as BRILL, Cambridge University Press, De Gruyter, Elsevier, Frontiers, IOP Publishing, Royal Society of Chemistry, Springer Nature and Wiley, making it more understandable and accessible to a broader audience.

A selection of articles related to climate change and renewable energy published  in our Open Science journal, Green Energy and Environmental Technology, will be available soon and hosted by Kudos, providing easy-to-understand research summaries to help everyone understand and act on climate change.

The language of scientific research often tends to be highly technical, hindering the overall understanding of ideas communicated, and it thus makes it more difficult to utilize the findings for the greater good.

Initiatives like this one from Kudos and Impact Science aid in improving scholarly communication by making it easier for the public to understand scientific writing and the concepts and solutions science provides in addressing global issues such as combating climate change.

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