InTech to Offer Chinese-English Translation

August 21, 2012

InTech, a leading open access publisher in the fields of science, technology and medicine, has today announced a strategic partnership with Shanghai-based translation company SFTT to provide specialist Chinese-English translation services for all journal and book authors starting with immediate effect.

The new service comes as InTech launches the Journal of International Integrative Medicine – the first peer reviewed journal to be managed by InTech's China division and a welcome addition to InTech's growing portfolio of open access books and journals.

Jason Chen, Greater China Business Head at InTech, said: “Chinese scientists are amongst the greatest contributors to global research and are second only to scientists from the United States in terms of the number of scientific papers published each year. However, substantial language barriers remain for many non-English speaking authors which has the effect of limiting the reach of their findings.

“By working with a translation partner such as SFTT InTech is able to offer Chinese scientists the opportunity to break down the language barrier and share the results of their work with the global scientific community.”

SFTT will provide InTech's authors with language editing services to ensure that their manuscripts are submission-ready and formatted in the correct English; thereby accelerating the time-to-publish cycle for authors. And with more than 1 in 4 of InTech's authors being native Chinese speakers, this new service will be a welcome benefit for China-based scientists looking to publish their research for both Chinese and world-wide academic readers.

Mr Chen added: “We are committed to providing all our Chinese authors with the highest level of service and support at every stage of the publishing process. This new partnership ensures that our authors' research is presented in the highest quality English language and early indications suggest that we will see an increase in the number of scientists taking advantage of this new opportunity to achieve greater, international exposure for their work.”

InTech China opened its doors in January 2012. Based in Shanghai, the office provides critical support for InTech's Chinese and wider South East Asian customer base. More information can be found by visiting (English version) or (Chinese version).

Article by:

Paul MacKenzie-Cummins