InTech Sponsors ICRA 2012

May 7, 2012

In view of its highly-reputable publications in the field of Robotics, InTech has officially been appointed as one of this year's ICRA (International Conference on Robotics and Automation) golden sponsors, the Robotics community's premiere annual academic conference to be held in Saint Paul, MN on May 14-18, 2012, organised by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers).

ICRA's program proposes tutorials, workshops, special events, interactive sessions and a robot-challenge, establishing itself as the most authoritative conference and a technology field trend-setter in what is one of the most dynamic and fast-advancing fields of Science and Technology.

What attracts the International Robotics community to loyally visit each year ICRA or to read all the updates about it is certainly the unique robot-challenge. According to ICRA's organisers, the aim is to "make the Challenge accessible to all members of the ICRA community, to integrate it tightly with the technical aspects of the conference, and to encourage as many participants as possible to bring their teams and participate. Teams of one or more researchers, students and faculty may participate in the competition. Teams have the option to be physically present for the challenge events or, participate remotely from their home institution. New and multi-disciplinary teams that foster collaboration and include researchers from other disciplines (ex. operations research, systems engineering, applied mathematics) are especially encouraged to participate."

The challenge will consist of 6 main events organised individually but all located at the conference:

  • The Mobile Manipulation Challenge
  • The Modular Robotic Challenge
  • The Mobile Microrobotics Challenge
  • The DARwIn-OP Humanoid Application Challenge
  • The Manufacturing Challenge

2010 VMAC Competition:

InTech's Robotics-dedicated team will travel to Saint Paul and will be situated at booth 317 during all days of the conference. Besides having scheduled meetings with InTech's top tier Robotics editors and authors to attend the conference, the team will present to all audiences the ISI-ranked International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems and its topics in all Robotics sub-fields, the first open access mega-journal in the field of Robotics.

The past decade has brought the Robotics field of science to the verge of a new technological era, where amazing new developments and applications have struck the imagination of many, bringing closer together the already elusive lines between reality and what is to be seen in most Si-Fi movies on the trail of interpreting the now near future. From remotely-operated vehicles, unmanned aerial/ground vehicles, space-based robots, humanoid replicants, robotic surgical devices or industrial, service and military rescue robots, once unimaginable advances have been introduced in all industries from Medicine to Agriculture, giving men new sets of technologically-advanced tools to be exploited for best application.

For more information about the conference or to schedule a meeting with our team to fly to Saint Paul, please contact Bojan Bajic,

To browse all InTech's publications in the field please refer to the link below. InTech's books and journals are free to read, share and download.

InTech's publications in the field of Robotics




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