InTech Sponsors Champion Volleyball Team

May 11, 2012

InTech is very proud to have been able to support our local volleyball team to their sixth title. An eruption of excitement ensued as the girls were presented their latest state champions trophy - sixth in a row, eighth since Croatia's independence and tenth all together.

Women's volleyball team "ŽOK Rijeka" is easily the most successful sports team in the town of InTech's headquarters. The incredibly talented girls have just won their tenth state champions title, beating the team from Split in the third playoff match. Once again the quality of Rijeka's team surfaced as Split was clearly struggling throughout the match.

However, these girls' success comes not as a result of external circumstances, but rather in spite of them. It is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure sponsorship in sports in Croatia, especially those sports which are not football. Even teams as successful as "ZOK Rijeka" sometimes struggle to find the necessary funds for equipment, participating in tournaments and all other costs. InTech, considered a highly successful business in a town such as Rijeka, is very proud to have been able to return something to the community and support these talented girls on their path to success, the same way the company always strives to support our editors and authors in advancing their careers.

Well done, girls. Congratulations from your open access publisher partner.

Article by:

Mia Macek,

Picture by:

Roni Brmalj/Novi List