IntechOpen Regional Research Spotlight Series - Middle East

June 19, 2015

Partnerships aimed at improving science and technology in the Middle East are in the best interests of both the developed and the developing worlds, where more opportunities would arise to excel in particular fields of science leading to more varied contributions to global research trends.

In order to open up further to international scientific communities and exchange knowledge on a global basis, IntechOpen has been collaborating with universities, and has been publishing the works of authors and editors from the Middle East for 10 years now.

With the goal to strengthen these partnerships our team visited Oman (German University of Science and Technology, Arab Open University and the Muscat College), Qatar (Qatar University, Hamad Medical Corporation and the College of North Atlantic) and the UAE ( UAE University, Al Ain University of Science and Technology, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi University, Al Maktoum Medical Library and Dubai Health Authority).

To promote further a 2-way exchange of knowledge, IntechOpen partnered recently with Panworld Education whose goal is to support educational institutions, corporates, governments and ministries, as well as various industry sectors with the latest research outputs.

In this view, IntechOpen and its publications have been presented at the Abu Dhabi's Book Fair 2015.

Future Events

IntechOpen and Panworld Education will be participating to the following local book fair:

34. Sharjah International Book Fair 4th - 14th November 2015


We are looking forward to continue working on projects, publications and partnerships in the region. Our main goal remains promoting the locally based research efforts and applications on an international level, as well as give a more direct access to our portfolio of international titles to those living in the region and with a stake in science.

The book department welcomes projects, publications and partnerships involving Middle East based science communities as part of its mission to promote their latest research efforts and applications on a global level.