IntechOpen Regional Research Spotlight Series - Mexico

April 29, 2015

Mexico's publishing history has registered a steady growth and in recent years the expansion of technologies has allowed many more scientists access to information, as well as encouraging, encouraging their participation and collaboration in international scientific networks.

To ensure that local scientists' academic impact be felt both regionally and globally and its presence is substantial in quality, size, and visibility, IntechOpen has been working for years in establishing collaborations with Mexico's scientific community concerning their research output, publishing and the dissemination of Science, Technology and Medicine books.

Mexico's authors/editors and IntechOpen

Up until today, IntechOpen has collaborated with 2,120 authors and book editors from Mexico and among the universities and institutions IntechOpen has worked with, we highlight Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and Instituto and Politécnico Nacional and Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro.

Further successful collaborations

Book donations

In 2012, IntechOpen donated a number of its books in the field of Engineering and Technology to the central library of the Autonomous University of Baja California. One collection was donated to the Campus Mexicali Central Library, another one stayed at the Institute of Engineering and a further one was displayed in different fairs around the country.

The prestigious Universidad Autonoma da Baja California's International Book Fair was the first event to present IntechOpen's collection on this specific subject in Mexico.

Representation in the Region

Following the newly established collaboration with Librosbooks in 2014, IntechOpen exhibited its Book Catalog at the Guadalajara International Book Fair 2014

Such event marked further the importance of creating fruitful networks and collaborations with the local scientific community, providing them with tools to access the latest science output from their international peers, as well as a platform to publish their own research findings hence increasing the visibility and reach of our authors from Central Latin America.

Future events

Throughout 2015 IntechOpen and Librosbooks will be participating to the following local book fairs:

  1. 40th Feria del Libro UASLP 2015. Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi Book Fair. Date: 13th - 22nd March []
  2. 16th Feria del Libro UABC 2015. Universidad Autonoma de Baja California Book Fair. Date: 16th - 21st April []
  3. 28th Feria del Libro UAEH. Universidad Autonoma de Hidalgo. Date: 21st - 30th August []
  4. Feria del Libro Guadalajara 2015. International Book Fair Guadalajara . Date 28th Nov - 6th Dec. []

The Book Department welcomes projects, publications and partnerships involving Mexico based science communities as part of its mission to promote their latest research efforts and applications on a global level.