IJARS Video Series - New video lecture “On the Ethics of Research in Robotics” by Dr. Raja Chatila

November 16, 2015

The newest IJARS Video Series lecture features Dr. Raja Chatila and is titled “On the Ethics of Research in Robotics”, a very current and engaging topic of interest to both professionals in the field and the lay public affected by the commercialisation of robotic systems. Will robots take our jobs? Will AI become completely autonomous and surpass the capabilities of the human mind? What about the application of autonomous lethal weapons acting without being controlled by the human hand?

It is Dr. Chatila’s opinion that roboticists have the duty to educate the wider public on what is really going on with these new, incredibly advanced robotic applications. To hear his views and recommendations on how to tackle ethical issues which also include legal consequences and societal acceptance for robot systems, we invite you to watch this lecture.

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