IJARS Team Attends Prof. Tomotake Takahashi Presentation

March 11, 2016

The International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems (IJARS) team had the pleasure to attend Prof. Tomotake Takahashi’s presentation held at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rijeka (Croatia).

Prof. Takahashi is a roboticist and ROBO-GARAGE founder. His main interest lies in humanoid robots which he creates by himself, overseeing all steps starting from conception to production. Among his most notable designs are Robi, Kirobo, Evolta and Ropid. Prof. Takahashi is also a Research Associate Professor of the University of Tokyo and Visiting Professor of Osaka Electro-Communication University.

During the presentation, Prof. Takahashi introduced to the audience the Evolta, Robi and RoBoHoN robots. His focus point was the role of humanoid robots first and foremost as companions. In this view, he underlined the necessity of such robots being smaller, communicative and entertaining rather than just conceived as assisting machines. In his opinion, robots smaller in dimensions and programmed to entertain will establish a better connection with people, resulting in greater likability. Moreover, friendly robots should reduce people’s anxiety and fear of a robotic system potentially becoming harmful.


Prof. Takahashi, robot Robi and the IJARS team

A very interesting argument made by Prof. Takahashi highlights the need for household robots to be utilised and appreciated for their communication skills rather than reducing them to dish-washing or vacuuming assistants.

The team was impressed the most with the presentation of his latest creation, the RoBoHoN - a tiny robot smartphone. This robot can walk, sit down, dance and raise its arms if it’s got something to tell you. It’s also a talkative alarm clock, memo writer, and text message reader, among other applications.