IJARS Launches New Topic: Robotics Software Design and Engineering

February 26, 2016

The International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems recently launched a new topic titled Robotics Software Design and Engineering, now open for submissions.

We seek high quality papers that significantly contribute to efficient software design and engineering for mobile robots applications to promote software reuse, modularity, extensibility, scalability, and quality. Software design for service robots and multi-robot systems are particularly sought.

In particular, the journal looks for papers that provide solutions for the future cloud robotics and web robotics paradigms, in addition to the integration of robots into the Internet and the cloud computing systems through software abstractions and interfaces.

To find out more about the topic in general, the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editors (list of members still under review), or to submit your paper, please visit the topic’s page.

With the introduction of this new topic, IJARS widens its scope within the field of robotics and targets a new research area. Robotics Software Design and Engineering is now the 14th topic that falls under IJARS’s domain. We invite you to browse the list of topics by visiting the journal’s homepage.