ICRA 12 - The Novel Robots Generation

May 25, 2012

A week ago, we announced that InTech's Robotics team was packing up its Robotics books and the International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, the only open access journal in the field with an IF, getting ready to set up its invisible sails and fly across the pond; destination? Saint Paul, MN, hosting the biggest Robotics conference, the International Conference on Robotics and Automation, organised by non other than IEEE and sponsored by InTech, among others.

Our Robotics team has been back for only a few days and the "robotic" hype has been on ever since. Latest news, robotic applications, robots ready to turn our every day life upside down, it is all here, about to be unpacked and burst in the form of multimedia content and updates we will give you through all our Robotics social media and news-pages, so make sure to regularly visit "All Robotics" related news at InTech.

Part 1: The Robot revolution Is Here, You Just Might Not Know It Yet

Browsing through the program and all the sessions, workshops and lectures held at ICRA 12 between May 13 and 17, any professional in the field is to be struck with the long lists of the most perspective and authoritative voices in Robotics who attended the conference. Among 1,730 attendees comprising major robotic-development companies and labs, universities, scientific publishers, tech media and professional associations and institutions, InTech's Robotics team had the honour and the pleasure to host the likes of Ken Goldberg, Toshio Fukuda, Kazuhiro Kosuge, Kazuya Yoshida, Andreas Nüchter, Bruce MacDonald, Amir Shapiro and many more at InTech's booth and hear all about their current and future projects you will be able to read about in the next few days.

InTech's booth at ICRA 12

                                                                  InTech's Mia Devic and Natalia Reinic

Amir Shapiro and mia devic at InTech's booth

                                                                  Amir Shapiro and Mia Devic at intech's booth

However, focusing on the real rock stars of the conference, robots and robotic applications, the future of tech has been highlighted and occupied ICRA's Show floor in big style; among over two dozen exhibitors showed off their creations at ICRA's show floor; the coolest and most peculiar projects included Willow Garage's PR2's, DARPA ARM, NASA's Robonaut2, daVinci's Surgical System, latest NAO's and DARwln-OP's applications, and the JACO robot manipulator, to name a few.

IEEE's Automaton Blog posted a video showcasing the robot revolution conquering ICRA 12 and the bet is that these novel robot applications will change our every day reality in the forseeable future; are you ready?

In doubt to determine what was the most impressive robot showcased during the conference, our Robotics team favorited Kinova's JACO Robot Arm Manipulator, taking up on th erole of a bartender for the occasion, serving you a cold drink at your command.

Going back to the crowd gathered at ICRA and the robots that merrily strolled up and down the Show Floor, what is to be taken out of the context of the conference is the striking reality check on technolgy's advancements made in recent years; there are exciting times ahead of us as a new robot-driven era has begun a long time ago, we just might have not known it, until now. For more videos and pictures brought to you from ICRA 12 be sure to read our next week's news as we have many more surprises to pull out of our robotic shoes for you.

                                                                ICRA 12 attendee holding a "hand"-bot


Article by:

Ana Nodilo, nodilo@intechopen.com

Pictures by:

Petra Nenadic, nenadic@intechopen.com